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I am a physical therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and overall nature enthusiast.  I have been studying spirituality, energy work and healing, meditation and the like for over ten years and am constantly driven to learn more.  I love providing healing ideas, tools and sessions to others and welcome all questions and comments.

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  1. Hello! I am curious after reading your article on the rite of the womb. How has it been for you since then? Have you passed it on to many women? How does it feel now, a few years later? Do please let me know for my own spiritual growth and interest.

    • Hi Victoria! It has been wonderful, and yes, I have passed it on to a bunch of women. Since I run my own little holistic practice I have a treatment office where I have been able to have small groups come and receive the Rite ceremonially. Many have found it quite profound, and a few have even found their fertility issues resolved, and more. I also run a large formal coven and I have found that incorporating the Rite of the Womb during our Summer Solstice ritual (the peak of feminine energy on the wheel of the year) has been an amazingly beautiful experience for all. Also, I have used it with individuals in the case that I am working on someone in an energy healing session and find that the sacral chakra is where they are storing their tension or fear- in that case even an informal (meaning not having been set up with flowers, lake water, calling the quarters, etc) passing of the rite seems to have a palpable sense of healing for the recipient. For me personally, it is hard to tell what effects of creativity, psychic awareness and empowerment may have been fueled by this rite because I have done so many other things over the past couple of years that would have also fed those aspects of myself…but I am certainly in more of a place of divine feminine power than ever before in my life. I hope this helps- If you have questions, feel free to ask! Have a lovely day,

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