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Medicinal Application of Essential Oil: My Cistus Story


When I took a medicinal aromatherapist certification course from a lovely local herbalist, I learned a lot about essential oils that I had never known before, despite having been involved in holistic and alternative health care for some time.  One important thing I learned was that even the essential oils on the shelf in the nice health food stores are not pure-  they very often contain preservatives or have been procured using a chemical process.  I also learned that you actually take more of the active constituents from the oil in when you apply it directly to your skin than if you were to ingest it orally.  (I don’t recommend doing this without consulting with a trained pro, btw!)  Because of this direct transmission of the oil into the skin and then the bloodstream, it is common practice for essential oil companies to mark the bottles with warnings saying not to apply directly to the skin, to use a carrier oil, etc.  The real truth is that pure plant essences are incredibly supportive to us when used in an educated, loving and respectful manner.  They can support our medical, emotional and spiritual growth in many ways, directly applied.  This said, you do need to know what you can safely do with each oil, and how to do it.

In any case, during this course I learned that the oil called Cistus, or Rock Rose (doesn’t smell like rose) can be good for getting rid of skin tags and even some skin cancers.  Well, I had a skin tag on my neck for a few years that made me a little self conscious at times-  especially if going for a massage.  I decided to try treating it with the cistus essence.  When my order arrived, I opened the tiny tiny bottle of very expensive plant essence and nothing came out.  This absolute is so thick that you have to take off the dropper top and use the wand to get some oil out of the bottle.  I began doing this and putting a dab on my super attractive skin tag (don’t you hate the term, even??) once a day, each evening before going to sleep.  I didn’t cover it or anything,  just swiped the stuff on and went to bed.  After about a week I noticed that the skin around the tag was getting rashy, so I started being more careful about not getting any on the surrounding skin. If I showered at night and went to treat patients in the morning without showering, sometimes an occasional patient would notice its scent, and I was told “you smell like the woods!”  I take that as a high compliment.  Now, the stuff isn’t that easy to apply because it is so sticky.  I thought of calling up my herbalist friend and asking her if the reason it works is that it is so sticky that you are practically ripping the thing off just trying to apply the oil… but I didn’t.  I chuckled to myself and kept on with the treatment.  Well, at about the four week mark I looked in the mirror one day and noticed that my lovable little skin tag had turned black.  Hesitantly, I reached up and felt it and it felt kind of crispy… and I don’t know what possessed me but I twisted it a little and it didn’t hurt at all to do, so I twisted it a little more, and off it fell.  I don’t even know where it went, but what was left on my neck was absolutely nothing!  There was no scab, no leftovers, not even a reddened area.  Just fully healed, smooth skin was all that was there at the previous site of attachment.  I was thrilled.

Now I am using that same tiny bottle to treat a skin tag under my husband’s arm… and a questionable looking precancerous thing on the top of his bald skull.  The skull area has started to dry up and get smaller already after only a few days of application.  Anyway, I love my pure, unadulterated essences!  Feel free to message me or converse here if you have questions about this or the use of plant essences for any other issues.  If I don’t have the answer I have plenty of resources to get you more information.  Have a lovely, plant-filled day!!!

Author: nikkisnature

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, hypnotherapist, dream teacher, shamanic practitioner, Physical Therapist and overall nature enthusiast. I have spent over ten years studying spirituality, energy, meditation, health and holistic healing. I continually crave new learning and want to be able to use it to share and help others.

4 thoughts on “Medicinal Application of Essential Oil: My Cistus Story

  1. Great story!!!   How have you and your family been? Well, I hope.   I am recently educated on pure essential oils too. doTerra is the company I have been working with. The possibility of healing and easing suffering in this wonderful and natural way fascinates me!   Just wanted to touch base. All my best!   Deb  

  2. Thanks for the info Nikki I hope to try this as I have several skin issues. I love Rock Rose and had one for awhile, bad winter killed it. Though recently thought of adding some to my landscaping (?).

  3. Where did you get the Cistus oil? I would like to give this a try. Thanks.


    • Hi Terri! I am a Wisdom of the Earth aromatherapist, so that is where I get my oil, though you can’t buy directly from them unless you have done the training. You can search around for a high quality seller of this online, or if you like you can email me at and you can buy it through me.

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